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Early Decision

Bryn Mawr offers two Early Decision plans for students who are 100% committed to joining our community.

Have you already started to envision your life at Bryn Mawr? Do you daydream about decorating your dorm room and selecting your first semester classes? If you just know that Bryn Mawr is the place for you, our Early Decision application plan may be for you.

Early Decision is a great option for students who are ready to make a personal and financial commitment to Bryn Mawr. These application plans are binding and students admitted under Early Decision are required to enroll at Bryn Mawr.

While this is great for students who have a solid understanding of our community and their family’s financial aid eligibility, it is not the best option for everyone. If you are still unsure where you belong in the fall or if you want to ability to compare multiple financial aid packages, you should consider applying Regular Decision.

Considering applying Early Decision?

Check out our blog post on what you should be thinking about before applying.

Marissa Turchi, Director of Undergraduate Admissions
Marissa Turchi, Director of Undergraduate Admissions
“There is no right or wrong decision when it comes to going ED or RD.”

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